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Our Donation Policy

River Lights Bookstore is committed to positively impacting the community it serves by providing assistance to local schools, organizations and charities.  We are happy to support your organization’s fundraising endeavors through the donation of a $5 River Lights Gift Card.

Since River Lights receives a large volume of requests, please be aware that we attempt to fulfill as many requests as possible and cannot guarantee that every donation request will be met. The following Donation Request Policy has been developed as a way to create consistent and fair dispersion of our limited contributable funds.

Area of Focus

River Lights places priority on giving to qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organizations and non-profit educational institutions whose primary mission is to encourage and promote reading, literacy and education within our community.


River Lights is unable to honor requests or make contributions to the following: 

  • Donations for monetary support.
  • Donations intended for online auctions. 
  • Donations intended for resale.
  • Donations to benefit specific individuals or families.
  • Donations for participation in school coupon books, prom parties or graduation parties.
  • Donations to labor, social or political groups.


Please allow a minimum of two weeks to process your donation request. During winter holidays and other busy seasons, typically October through December, it could take six to eight weeks for processing.

Declined Requests: 
The requesting organization will receive notification by e-mail indicating the request has been declined and the reason for the decision.

Approved Requests: 
We will contact your organization when a donation is available for pickup. 

Submit A Request:

Please submit your request via email to with your name and contact information.